Philip Blackburn

Live elements shot at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (site of Cragmor Sanatorium), performed by members of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, 2012.

Producing Director

Jane Rigler

Assistant Directors

Paul Forsett

Tracy Hunziker

Assistant Producer / Stage


Sandra Parcher

Jane Rigler

Tracy Hunziker

Paul Forsett

Costumes / Props

Karen Clem

Dareece Walker

Brad Tyra

Molly Cornish

Sandra Parcher

Contributing Guest Artists

Dareece Walker

Solveig Olsen

The Documentary Film Team

Tyler Jonas Castro

Greg Rizzo


Zachary Bailey

Cynthia Barram

Kevin Boyer

Stefanie Cardin

Therese Carmack

Tyler Jonas Castro

Jeffrey Connelly

Molly Cornish

Erin Enck

Delaney Hallauer

Justin Hatfield

Ben Heckel

Bryan Hirst

Tracy Hunziker

Brycen Lamb

Christina Louf

Lauren Miller

Joseph Navarro

*William Osborne

Timothy Ogilive

Barbara Pelham

Dianna Perkins

*Jenna Perrodin

Kenna Rae

Joe Ransier

Molly Rivera

Hannah Rockey

Irving Rynning

*Christina Slusher

Timothy Vilgiante

Dareece Walker

Alisa Weigel

Jeremy Witherspoon

Brent Wollman

*Kaitlyn Woofter

Kellie Zook

*Beth-El Student Nurses


-University of Colorado Diversity and Excellence Grant, funded

through the CU Office of the President

-The UCCS Matrix Center

-The UCCS College of Letters, Arts & Sciences (LAS)

-The UCCS Visual and Performing Arts Department (VAPA)

-Suzanne MacAulay, Chair of VAPA

-Theatreworks (you all really rock!)

-UC Center Administration: Megann Powell, Alenjandro

Dejesus, Tyson Randall

-CU Foundation Roser Visiting Artist Grant

-The Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the

nurses who have volunteered

-Colorado Springs VA Medical Clinic

-Remington College

-Edgar Cota - Torres, Ph.D. (UCCS Languages and Cultures)

-Mary Rupp, UCCS Librarian

-Solveig Olsen, Guest Performer

-VAPA Film Program

-RW Photography,

Jane Rigler,

Carol Cheney,

Richard Candee,

Preston Wright,

Jon Roy,

Chris Campbell,

and the whole amazing crew.

Additional live footage shot at the Heller Ranch, Garden of the Gods, Evergreen Cemetery, and Colorado Pioneer Museum.




A Sonnet for Russell Cheney, by H. Phelps Putnam -1927

Nursery Rhyme of Colorado Springs, by Charlotte Vimont Arnold -1924

Voice of Archibald MacLeish

H. Phelps Putnam: Ballad of a Strange Thing


Where the Columbines Grow, the Colorado State Song, by A.J. Finn - 1915, arr. Philip Blackburn -2012.

Mozart: Queen of the Night -Barbara Duff

Irving Berlin/Charles Fink: Blue Skies -Harry Richman, UMG-Warner Chappell

Cantor Finkelstein

Debussy: Toccata -piano roll by E. Robert Schmitz

J.S. Bach: Erbarme Dich

Schumann: Ich Grolle Night -T Staircase

TB Blues -Jimmy Rogers

Little Old Ford -Bill Murray

Paganini: La Folia -Yehudi Menuhin

Handel: Ombra Mai Fu -Kathleen Ferrier

Chopin: Sonata -Paderewski

Scott Joplin: Stop Time -piano roll

Saint Saens: Swan of Tuonela -Blackburn

Vincent Youmans: Tea for Two -piano roll arr. Blackburn, Hallelujah -Nat Shilkret, Roll Roll Roll, Hymn


Fred Ott’s Sneeze, Edison kinetoscope -1894

Two Men Dancing, Edison kinetoscope -1895

The X-Ray Fiend, by George Albert Smith -1897

Alice Blanche’s Falling Leaves -1912

Edison’s Temple of Moloch -1914

Don Cossack Choir with Serge Jaroff -1933

Prefrontal Tuberculoma -1933

Firing Line -1936

Interview with a Germ -1940

They do Come Back -1940

Another to Conquer -1941

Tuberculosis -1955

Peter Borik -1942

Fillet and Spica Plaster, for cervical TB -1936

City of Hope -1930s

Defeat TB -1950


Constance Pulitzer -philanthropist

Laura Gilpin -photographer

Ruth Draper -monologist

Cornelia Otis Skinner -actress

Monte Woolley -actor

Two of ballerina Anna Pavlova’s dancers were residents:

Dorothy Smoller - who failed to recover and went to New York to commit suicide by drinking shoe polish -, and Mme. Snjinski - who lost her voice so would whistle tunes down Cragmor corridors;

Painters included Russell Cheney - and his Yale friend, poet, H. Phelps Putnam-, and Robert Lewis Reid;

Writers such as Thomas Crawford Galbreath, Charles Fox Gardiner, Arthur Newman, and Robert E. McClure;

Benjamin Strong, co-founder of the Fed;

News magnates Alfred Cowles and Harriet Cheney Cowles;

Broadway’s richest composer in the 1920s, Vincent Youmans, who write Tea for Two and the Carioca from Flying Down to Rio before contracting TB and spending 10 years unproductively at the Cragmor piano.

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Philip Blackburn demonstrates the Solar Therapeutic Laryngoscope (1924 patent from Cragmor that shines healing sun rays into the TB infected larynx)